This year Pastor Kevin Hester from Coloma Michigan, is adding an emphasis to the challenge. Those participating will make a committment not to gossip or listen to others gossiping just as in years past. But this time "Gossip Free?" is focusing specifically on
Social Networking
The 8 Day challenge Continues 8/8/12
I challenged people not to speak or listen to gossip but the fastest growing form of gossip is actually on line (facebook, twitter, email, texting, blogging, posting, etc), and it is much more damaging! Gossip is deadly!
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From Facebook, web pages, emails, youtube, and text messaging, where ever the information highway takes you, you will find gossip.

From the creation of man until now, gossip has caused wars, destroyed lives, closed businesses, hurt relationships, devastated organizations and the fastest growing way that gossip is spreading is through social networking.